Sunday, April 18, 2010

50 Year Counterparts, Pt. 1B

2010 Topps Heritage #137

I guess you'll be thought of as a fiery manager if you own the Major League Baseball record for ejections, and no one has been tossed more than Bobby Cox. However, this isn't the reputation that Cox has. While Chuck Dressen had the reputation of having a lively disposition, Cox doesn't. More often than not, when Cox gets ejected it is because he is trying to protect one of his players from getting the ol' heave-ho.

Bobby's mostly recognized as a players manager. I can't recall ever hearing a former player bad mouth the man. No, it's usually the fans and the media who bad mouth Cox, using "loyal" in a pejorative manner. I guess you can sum up Cox's career from an incident years ago. It is reported that when former owner Ted Turner fired Bobby after the 1981 season, he was asked at a press conference who was on his short list for manager, in which Turner replied, "It would be Bobby Cox if I hadn't just fired him. We need someone like him around here." Sounds much like another owner/manager tale from my childhood- that of George Steinbrenner & Billy Martin.

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