Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip to Target

So we were out getting groceries tonight, when my daughter declares that she wants to stop by Michaels craft store. Realizing that it was close to Target, I selfishly agreed (well, I did need to pick something up there...wink, wink) and pulled up to the giant retailer - not seeing the irony that as one with a baseball card jones', I was the one wearing the bulls-eye. Strolling towards the card aisle, I was hoping that somehow the 2010 Bowman retail boxes would be live, especially after all the hype that's been out on the internet with its release. It wasn't available, but I did find some National Chicle. Now as I've said elsewhere, I have not been excited by any of the newer "neo-vintage" stuff (save Topps Heritage),and I have especially been turned off with the Chicle brand. But I couldn't fight the urge to buy a couple of packs and doing so I felt the shame as I ran my card through the machine. My shame deepened as I kept the packs concealed until we could get home so I could get my fix in private. Much to my surprise, I actually pulled a few cards that I thought were worthwhile.

Pack #1
There was this Jimmy Rollins, card #157

J.D. Drew #192

This beauty:
#222 Lou Brock

For my darker side there's this one....
#205 John Danks

#286 George Sisler SP (another beauty, but can't show 'em all!)
#203 Edison Volquez
Checklist #1 of 2

Pack #2

#187 Joe Saunders- a card that will undoubtedly find its way into the hands of endued.
#217 Frank Robinson
#260 Drew Stubbs
#110 Curtis Granderson
#329 Juan Francisco-
With all respect, this is a horrible piece of 'art'!

and what has to be the ugliest card of them all (and arguably the ugliest card ever)...

#258 Gordon Beckham

Still kinda bummed that I didn't get the Warren Spahn card- it and the Eddie Mathews cards are the only ones I really want out of this set.


  1. good looking cards, def look forward to the Saunders card, although I would feel like tearing it up with the way he's pitching right now.

  2. Dude, he pitched really well tonight...AND his trade value just went up! ;)