Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping at the Show- '71s

More from the 5/$1 binders; this time the 1971 black-bordered beauties.

If it weren't for the horrible photography, the '71 set would be one of my favorite issues- I really like the color schemes and the design. Of course, it's difficult to find these things in high grade condition- but I'm not looking to get them graded, so for .20 each, I won't complain.

Trifecta: #432 Bob Didier, #88 Hal King, #244 Bob Tillman

Can't say I remember the last time I've come across a team set with three catchers, and these three are nothing to get too excited about. Tillman actually came to Atlanta in a 1967 trade with the Yankees. Who was he traded for? Only the Atlanta Legend, Bobby Cox. His career was highlighted by catching two no-hitters, homering in his first major league at-bat, and homering three times in one game. Although he appeared on the 1971 issue as a Brave, Tillman was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in December of 1970, and did not play in the majors again.

#306 Jim Nash Nash came over to the Braves from the A's in a trade involving Felipe Alou. He broke into the bigs with the Kansas City Athletics in 1966, finishing 2nd in ROY voting after going 12-1 with a 2.06 ERA. Don't know what happened, but Jim never grew into an ace that he appeared to be that rookie season. He did, however, tell one heck of a tall-tale!

#587 Sonny Jackson

#194 Mike Lum
#147 Bob Priddy
This relief pitcher gave up Home Run #400 to Henry Aaron. 1971 would be his last in the majors.

#81 Felix Millan

#173 Gil Garrido
Light hitting infielder, who in 1970 hit his only major league home run. He hit the blast off of former Brave pitcher Denny Lemaster. Probably didn't hurt that he was playing at home, at the "launching pad."

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