Monday, July 26, 2010

Mail-Box Monday

Perhaps a better title for this post would be "Mini-Monday", as one of the two packages in the mail today included six mini 2008 Allen & Ginter Braves. The minis have become my latest "must have", and although I'd like to try to put a set of minis together, I'll have to settle on just the Braves team sets.

#344 Matt Diaz-SP
Since July 6, Diaz is hitting .421 in 38 AB, with 5 doubles, 4 Homers (including three consecutive games in which he homered), and 12 RBI. Yes, he couldn't hit his weight prior to his DL stint, but he's stepping it up at a critical time of the season. Not exactly a player you would expect to appear in a short printed card, but I've been a fan of his since his college days at Florida State and he's one of my favorite Braves.

#274 John Smoltz
I guess all the talk of Smoltz being a mid-season pick up for some team has pretty much died. I was hoping he wouldn't come back again, unless it was to sign a one-day contract w/ Atlanta so he could retire a Brave. I'm sentimental that way.

#206 Jeff Francoeur
Well, the trading deadline is only a few days away, and I've already heard Frenchy mentioned in a few different rumors. The rumors involving Kansas City make you wonder about guys like Royals GM Dayton Moore. Does he really think bringing Francouer to KC will bring about a change in his approach at the plate?

#175 Chipper Jones- Allen & Ginter Back
Wouldn't it be great if Chip can find the fountain of youth and go on a tear like he did in September of '99?! That's all I want for Christmas this year (well, an early present).

#51 Brian McCann
The All-Star MVP has been raking after the Break, and will need to continue to do so in the last two months if the Bravos hope to play well into October and November.

#221 Tim Hudson
Over the last two months, Huddy has seen his starts go something like this: W,L,W,L,W,L,W,L, no decision, W. This needs to change, beginning Wednesday night vs. Washington and Livan Hernandez.


  1. all I saw on my feed was a post leading off with a card of Matty Diaz.... and then, and I thought it wasn't possible, it got better...

    great post! Go Braves!

  2. Thanks. Huddy pulled through tonight, good thing because with Philly breathing down their throats they needed that win.

  3. Necks, breathing down their necks...sheesh-it's been a long week!