Saturday, September 11, 2010

Card Show Buys #1

Most of my card transactions are done online but I still enjoy every chance to attend a card show- and I got the opportunity to do so this morning. The LCS owner has been promoting quarterly card shows over the past year, and with baseball heading towards the playoffs and the NFL starting up, what better time to have one. While they aren't what they used to be 'back in the day', it's still fun to get out and talk chop with other collectors/sellers, as well as look for that elusive card that seems to be on every collector's wantlist. I surprised my wife by getting home earlier than she had expected-it wasn't that the show sucked, but I found plenty of older Braves cards and I didn't need to stay once I was out of dough.

1965 Topps #366 Dan Schneider
According to the back of his baseball card, Schneider never pitched below AAA. I looked up his career stats, and he never pitched below AAA thereafter, either- although he spent many season in AAA with only 7 decisions in the majors.

1971 Topps #61 A.L. Batting Leaders
Doesn't have any Braves, but it does have Yaz and Oliva. I'm not familiar with Alex Johnson. I picked this up for a quarter, with the intentions of giving to my pal Endued (an Angels fan). If he already has it, then I'll just keep it.

1971 Topps #174 Dave LaRoche, #223 Cecil Upshaw, #270 Rico Carty, #359 Ron Reed, #387 Ron Herbel, and #668 Gary Neibauer
I didn't have my checklist with me, but I figured I probably had at least one of these, but didn't! The LaRoche, yet another Angel for Endued. However, I also have an interest in this card because of his son (former Brave Adam LaRoche)-which may be a future post.

1972 Topps #21 Braves Team Card, #149 Gary Niebauer
I never have cared for the design on the '72. Come to find out, I already have both of these. Thankfully, I only paid 2 bits each.

1970 #122 George Stone
A decent lefty who spent 6 seasons with the Braves before being traded to the Mets. Interestingly, Stone's cousin was a teammate of his- right handed pitcher Cecil Upshaw.

1971 Topps #133 David Clyde
Another 25 cent pick-up. Other than the centering, this card is in pretty darn good shape. For those of you who don't know about Clyde, I encourage you to read this piece about him.
Mabey I'll start a new project in my collecting- of phenoms who don't live up to the hype.

1975 Topps #394 Larvell Blanks (mini), #427 Clarence "Cito" Gaston, #431 Rod Gilbreath (mini), #618 Jamie Easterly (Rookie Pitchers)
Another one of my least favorite Topps designs- this set seems to be far more popular with other collectors. It did have have three great Hall of Famer's rookie cards in Yount, Brett, and Rice. The Gaston card has a pretty bad air-brush job on it. He had played in San Diego prior to the '75 season, which explains the need to air-brush his uni.

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