Monday, September 27, 2010

From Red Hot Rookie to Tough Luck Tommy

I don't know what's in the water down in the Atl. but whatever it is, it seems to advance the aging process. Fit, athletic men have become impotent, losing their eyesight, watching their bodies fall apart. Unfortunately, due to this sad state of affairs, even a young gun like Tommy Hanson finds himself shooting blanks everytime he takes the mound.

"But seriously..." I read today on the AJC that Hanson is the only Brave in the Atlanta era (since '66) to have at least 30 starts and an ERA under 3.51 and yet have a losing record. Since July, he is 3-6 (with 8 no decisions). In those 8 no decisions, Hanson allowed 2 ER in each of three of the starts, 1 ER in each of three other starts, and 0 ER in the other two. Imagine that: 9 earned runs in eight starts, with nothing to show for it! Also, in three of the no decisions, Tommy left after 7 innings with the lead, only to see the bullpen blow the lead. And, in the other five games, he pitched into the sixth, being pulled with the score tied in each game. In four of Tommy's six losses since July, he allowed 3 ER, 1 ER, 1 ER, and 2 ER's, respectively. And tonight, with the Braves playing for their survival in the wild card chase, Hanson throws a beauty- 1 earned run in 7.2 innings, only to leave with the score tied at one.

I can't imagine the frustration a guy like Hanson must feel after pitching your butt off, only to get the anemic offensive support he has had (and the other starters, for that matter). I know he has stated that he doesn't care about individual stats, only whether the team wins or not. I'm sure he's speaking honestly when he says that, but still- it's awful hard for the team to win when the opponents are scoring 2-3 runs a game and your offense can't match that.

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