Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All-Star Game Gear: Prado and Infante

I received these two cards in the mail today. I normally wouldn't have chased any of these relic cards, but with it being the first All-Star game for each, I couldn't pass up the good deal on the 'bay.

2010 Topps Update #AS-OI Omar Infante

2010 Topps Update #AS-MP Martin Prado


  1. Again with some awesome Braves cards that I didn't know existed. Looks like I'll be following in your footsteps on this one. I'll have to check out the Update checklist for more finds!

  2. Yeah- I was pretty surprised to find out these were on the checklist. I was shocked to find out that Topps included an autographed Moylan card in the "Peek Performance" inserts in the regular set. I had the high bid on it until the last seconds, and lost out on it.

  3. The Braves cards in this product are my next gig. Just to have an Infante card in a Braves uniform is awesome!

    I don't remember if we've emailed before so I'll just tell you here, but I'm holding a contest for a free hobby box of 2010 Topps Chrome. Just check out the blog.