Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mailbox Treasures: 2010 Topps Peak Performance cards

Latest mailbox treasures: 2010 Topps Peak Performance cards

#PPR-BM Brian McCann Jersey Relic

In 2008 Brian Mac became only the 10th NL catcher to win a Silver Slugger award twice, he then went on to win his third one in 2009. McCann's got a little more competition now that Buster Posey has arrived.

#PPR-CJ Chipper Jones Jersey Relic

If his comeback is a success, it will be awefully hard to duplicate the "Peak Performance" Topps recorded on this card: Chipper recorded 20 total bases over the course of back-to-back games in 20008. The only other Atlanta Brave to have recorded that many in two games: Bob Horner.

#PPR-TH Tim Hudson Jersey Relic

Timmy Terrific! It had been ten years since a Braves pitcher (John Smoltz) struck out 10 batters without issuing a walk, but in 2008 Huddy achieved this feat against the Reds.

#PP-39 Chipper Jones

Hard to believe there's still folks out there who want to argue that Jones is not a HOF'er. Topps tells us that Chip is the only switch-hitter to amass a .300 lifetime average and hit over 400 homers. Only two other switch-hitters have hit 400 homers: Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray.

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