Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Picked Up a Punk

we've all seen the highlights, but you've got to check out this remix
I really didn't want to do it. After all, I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley-home of the Broncos. And even though I didn't go to school there, I can't help but root for Boise State. Ever since the night that Blount cold-cocked Byron Hout I could only call him a punk -and was not surprised when he reportedly punched a teammate during his time with the Titans (although it's supposed to be quite common on the practice field). Then, it happened: the Bucs signed him. And by the middle of the season, Cadillac was running like a clunker and was parked in the shop (except for the occasional joy ride). Blount only had 10 carries through the first six weeks (for 30 yards) and then went nuttier than he did in Boise last year. So, you can understand the dilema I faced when LeGarrette rookie cards came out featuring him in a Tampa uniform.

But, when you can do this

And this

and never break stride....

You've gotta pick up one of these

Man, that's some crazy #*$@ !!!

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