Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2010 Topps Peak Performance- Peter Moylan Auto

I'm not a huge fan of third-party grading services. Well, let me qualify that statement: I'm not a huge fan of having newer cards slabbed. In fact, until yesterday, I did not have any slabbed cards-whether they be vintage or otherwise. That is when I received my first PSA graded card- this one from an eBay auction for an autographed 2010 Topps Peter Moylan Peak Performance card. I've had my eyes open for one of these (non-slabbed) for months now, and haven't seen any, so I didn't mind getting a graded one. I really liked the Peak Performance inserts from last year, and picked up an autographed Jonny Venters last fall. The Moylan will compliment it nicely.

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