Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trade with Tomahawk Chopping- Cardboard and More!

I received a package in the mail today from Derek at Tomahawk Chopping-Cardboard and More! I was able to send him some Martin Prado cards for his collection, and he in turn supplied me with some cards needed for my 2011 Heritage set. Unfortunately, my scanner is toast- so I can't provide any pictures. Thanks again, Derek, for the trade!

Then and Now #TN1 Harmon Killebrew/Jose Bautista
I still have a hard time believing that Bautista isn't anything more than a one-year wonder- but the guy has continued to hit well this year.

#455 Joe Sanders
Hey, at least it's a short print!

#399 Roy Halladay
As a Braves fan, I wish he would have stayed north of the border. Yes, I hate the Phillies!

#365 Howie Kendrick
Dude hit his sixth home run today! At this pace, he will hit more this year than he hit during his first five seasons.

#100 David Price
Apparently, the price is right- he (and his team) is turning it around after a rocky start.

News Flash Backs #NF-5
U.S. Navy Seals are Activated- the commissioning of the first two U.S. Navy Sea, Air and Land teams took place in '62. And we think professional athletes are well conditioned...

Target Black bordered #C67 Jason Kubel
These black bordered cards are sharp. I think the best part is under the 'page curl' on the bottom right hand corner, as it includes a little patch of the wood finish. It reminds me, strangely enough, of a sunburst Les Paul.

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