Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Topps Braves Team Set Kris Medlen

2011 #ATL7
I recently picked up a 2011 Topps team set for Atlanta, and was thrilled to see that included in it was a card of Kris Medlen. I haven't seen the checklist for series two yet, but Meds wasn't in the first series, and since he will miss most of the 2011 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery, he may not be in series 2. For those who miss him, you can follow him on Twitter @KrisMedlen. Seems like a pretty crazy dude, and when he and @PeterMoylan interact, it's no-holds barred!


  1. Yeah, the interaction with him and Moylan is classis stuff. Looks like they are trying to convince Tommy Hanson to join up too! Should be good stuff.

    Glad to see that Hinske finally gets a Braves card in the team set as well.

  2. Eventually I will have to break down and join the twitterati, I suppose.

    Love the card, if only of the inclusion of the ball in the foreground. And thanks for finally beating those darn Cardinals for us. Sorry the Reds didn't return the favor today.

  3. The only place I could find the Braves team set around my area was at the Chicago White Sox's AAA affiliate's team store! Paid too much ($6), but I was just glad to finally have it.

  4. Chris, I saw where Meds posted that Tommy & Jonny acquiesced to the Twitter thing. That news is almost as good as the news about Osama.

    handcollated- yes, I thought it was going to be yet another blown game today, but everyday Jonny came in to save the day & shut down the Cards. I can't take a whole season of this!

    Colbey, glad you found one. I actually just got another one by mistake- I bought a 2010 Braves team set on ebay and the guy sent me a 2011 in error. I think I might do a give away on the blog for it...