Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Topps 2 Jumbos

sorry about the photos; my scanner hasn't been working properly, which explains part of the absence of any recent posts.

While at Target last night, I found myself in the card aisle (surprise)-hoping to find some of the recently released Topps 2 packs. I wasn't disappointed, as there were gravity packs, jumbo packs, blasters, and the 4 pack/Diamond Giveaway Code Card. Topps galore!!! So, I purchased three of the Jumbo packs and one of the 4 packs- just enough cards to get my set started, but not enough to break the bank. To my surprise, the first card I pulled was Mr. Brian McCann!One of the few offensive bright spots on the Braves this year, Mc has been a model of consistency. Speaking of consistent, Uggla has been as well. Unfortunately, our off-season acquisition has been consistently bad. Nay-horrible!

Anyway, other highlights:

#605 Brandon Belt
Belt was my pick for NL ROY; doesn't look like that will happen. He should have a very good career, though.

#482 Eric Hinske
The "Big Damage" now has a card of him as a Brave. Long overdue, Topps!!!

#595 Michael Pineda
My AL ROY pick- Pineda might just take home the prize. With Pineda and Hernandez, Seattle has hope for the future.

#337 Jordan Walden
As with most young closers, Walden has had his ups and downs this season. After blowing three saves in less than two weeks, Walden has turned it around of late. The reason I picked this card? Well, the facial expression, of course! Dude looks crazy-like he's wielding an ax, or something!

#332 Melky Cabrera
My fellow Braves fans did plenty of complaining last year about Melky. And he gave us plenty of reasons to do so; however, how good would the Melk-man's 8 Homers and 7 stolen bases look in the Atlanta stats? He would be leading the team in both categories right now. I really like these type of photos on cards: player swinging the bat while standing in the stands at a spring training stadium. Old-school for sure!

#516 Platinum Diamond Variation Tom Seaver
#250 Platinum Diamond Variation Mel Ott
Believe it or not, I pulled both of these cards from the 4 packs. I would prefer to have pulled just the normal variations, but hey-beggars can't be choosers, right?
If anyone has the Eddie Mathews Variation card (non Platinum Diamond version), I will trade either of these for it.

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  1. Card Chopper - Nice blog; send me a note at I've got a blog ( and was curious as to how this one got started. Good stuff; I'll have to mine my early 70's shoeboxes for some Braves. Thanks - Tom Flynn