Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Auto Craig Kimbrel

What appeared to be a season in which our post-season failures of the past would all but be erased is now turning into a disaster. The situation in the ATL is looking more bleak with each passing game, and I guess that I am actually looking forward to the postseason awards for N.L. ROY tells the whole story.

There's no doubt in my mind that the ROY award will go to today's subject- Craig Kimbrel. As you probably know, Kimbrel has set the record for most saves in a season by a rookie, with 46. I would throw in the "and counting" part, but the cynic in me says he won't have an opportunity for another one. The ending of this season is one save that Kimbrel won't be able to pull off. So anyways, I have forgone the experience of opening up Topps Chrome packs/boxes in lieu of trying to pick up the autographed Braves cards from the set-which is the only reason I would even bother with this product. As I was on eBay recently, I then was faced with the decision: do I bid and try to get it low, or do I just set a limit on what I'm willing to spend on a BIN? Well, I chose the latter, and when I saw this card for $20, I was on it faster than one of Craig's heaters. As much as I would like to get autographed baseballs for my collection, I've become skeptical on much of what people are trying to sell, and have decided Topps might be the way to go. What about you- have you found any dealers that you feel comfortable purchasing autographed balls from?


  1. I wouldn't buy a ball unless it was from someone I knew got it in person. I don't auto hound at games anymore like I used to, but that's because I've got my 11 year old trained to do it. Of course, the autos he gets are for him, but my whole collection is going to be his someday so I enjoy the hobby with him.

  2. $20 bucks? Seriously? Congrats. I'm taking an absence from eBay (my willpower sucks!) but if I had seen that listing I too would've snatched it up quickly.

    I still can't figure out what is going on w/ the Braves. Horrible pitching and no offense...not a good time to have a slump.

  3. Another loss tonight *sigh* This is getting really old. If this team doesn't make the Division Series (forget a tie and one-game playoff), then heads need to roll- and I say begin with Gonzalez and his entire staff. I could go on and on but will spare y'all. I'm just absolutely sick.

  4. Play at the Plate, that's great that your son collects and you can enjoy that with him. I wish my son was more interested. All I've got in my collection will go to my kids, and they couldn't care less,save that it was something that I really enjoyed- so that might just cause them to keep it.