Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All in the Family

Trivia Question: Who are the only brothers in MLB History to finish 1st and 2nd in a batting race? Is it two of the three DiMaggio brothers (Vince, Dom, and Joe)? Perhaps it's the Waner brothers (Paul & Lloyd), you say. Wrong, on both. Okay, so it's got to be Harry and Dixie Walker! Nope, wrong again. Give up? It's Matty and Felipe Alou, who are the focus of today's card.

1967 Topps #240 (1966) National League Batting Leaders/ Matty Alou, Felipe Alou, Rico Carty
Younger brother Matty beat out his older brother Felipe for the 1966 National League batting title. Matty, who was in his first season playing for the Pirates, won the crown by 15 points. Had it not been for his speed, he might not have had bragging rights over the Braves slugger. Diminutive in size, but the fastest and best hitter in the family, Matty finished the season with 20 bunt singles and 30 infield hits while Felipe led the league with 218 hits, 122 runs, and 355 total bases.

An interesting fact: Three years earlier, Matty, Felipe, and brother Jesus made major league history by becoming the only three brothers to ever start in the same outfield during a game, accomplishing that feat with the San Francisco Giants.

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