Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Topps Update Silk Collection- Joe Mather

Why Topps decided to include a Silk card of Joe Mather in the Update set is beyond me. The Braves claimed Mather off waivers from the Cardinals last fall, hoping he would provide depth in the outfield (as well as possibly the infield), and a power right-handed bat they so desperately needed. I heard some comparisons to Jason Werth (would that be the Philadelphia JW, or the guy who played in Tor, LA, and Wa?) Well, that experiment lasted about three months, as he was gone by late June. The Braves might have done better by going after Jerry Mathers (aka The Beaver), since Joe hit 2 points under his weight (.213) with 1 home run and 9 RBI. The sad thing is, most of his "damage" was done in a three-game series at Anaheim, were he went 7-12 with a homer and 5 RBI. I attribute his success that weekend to it being an A.L. team facing him for the first time. Take away those three games and he hit .143 during his time in the ATL. Not exactly the kind of performance that warrants being included in such a limited numbered insert set (no-he's not even included in the base update set). And since I normally don't mess with the Silk Cards, I had no intentions of trying to pick up a card of this short-timer. And yet, the guy did provide a little bit of magic this season while on the team, so when the card came up on an auction, I took a flyer on it and grabbed it for $3.25. He certainly wasn't the first player to be included in my team set despite his lack of production, and Lord knows there will be others after him.

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  1. I too was surprised to see this card on eBay. I was tempted to grab it just because it's a low numbered card and a silk card...but I refuse to pay more than a couple of bucks w/ shipping.