Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Non-Sports Custom Card: Sweet Johnny

I've recently got hooked on the Netflix reruns of My Name is Earl, and one of the funnier episodes I've seen is the one entitled "Sweet Johnny". Guest star David Arquette (the former Mr. Courtney Cox) plays the character of Sweet Johnny, a local stuntsman who at one time had quite the following in Camden. Johnny's 'sweet' stunts often left him laid up in bed with injuries, but little did he know that Earl was behind it all- encouraging ridiculously dangerous stunts so that he might have relations with Johnny's girlfriend. And so we know which bad deed 'karma' wants Earl to make up for. Problem is, when Earl goes to confess, he finds out (the hard way) that Johnny has suffered too many head injuries and has a hard time with short term memory. This leads to scenes similar to Groundhog Day-where the character seems to be encountering the same scene day after day. I guess I ought to built upon this and make a relic card, featuring a piece of Johnny's SWEET rat-tail.

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