Thursday, December 15, 2011

New York City/1989 Topps Mets Leaders

I saw a rainbow stretched across the ocean
Crashed the Big Apple
So I took a bite, found a taste I like
but she bit me back.

I jumped across the ocean
Found a Big Apple
So I took a bite, she teased me with a taste
Laid my soul to waste
Stabbed me in the back.

Pressure never stops
Pressure never drops....

....Hell's Kitchen is a DMZ, I ain't never comin' back...

"New York City" from The Cult's 1989 Sonic Temple album

and so went the career of Darryl Strawberry.

One of the more well known feuds between teammates took place during the New York Mets' 1989 photo day. Team captain Keith Hernandez and slugger Darryl Strawberry had been at odds for some time, but the final straw (pun intended) came when writer Bob Klapisch, in a moment of spite, informed Straw that Hernandez had, in 1988, tried to persuade reporters that teammate Kevin McReynolds deserved the MVP. That same evening, the two teammates nearly came to blows at a Port St. Lucie bar. The next day, which was team photo day, a photographer tried to position the two next to one another-only to have a fight break out in which the two threw hooks that may not have been as strong as the hook in The Cult's "New York City", but hooks none the less. How appropriate it was then that Topps captured the two on its 1989 Mets' "Leaders" card (along with the aforementioned Kevin McReynolds).

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