Friday, February 3, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: 5 Dale Murphy Drakes Cakes

  sanjosefuji commented last week that his favorite food-issue cards are the Kellogg's cards from the 70s and 80s, so I though what better set to feature this week than a Kellogg's Dale Murphy. When I went to pull one to scan I was shocked to discover I don't have one! As one who considers himself a Murphy collector, I am ashamed to admit that there's not one of those in my collection. I focused on Murph odd-ball stuff during one of my collecting seasons and thought I had most of the more common issues. I guess I don't.

 Growing up in the west, I have never been familiar with Drake Cakes, which are (according to the hostess website) found in the northeastern U.S. Well, I guess I have heard of Ring-Dings and Yodels- but was never aware that they were part of the Drakes company. Neither did I know that they are a Hostess brand. From 1981 until 1988, the food company issued  these cards in their snacks. And while they billed the set as "Drake's Big Hitters" , the sets included pitchers as well as hitters. While I like the front of each year, there's nothing that really distinguishes them from the myriad of stuff from that same time period. In fact, the backs in the '83-'85 sets resemble the backs of the regular Topps base sets from those same years. The '86 & '88 card backs are different and show no indications of being a Topps product. Presumably the '87 backs are the same as the two it was sandwiched in between. I don't have the '87 release, nor the '81 & '82. Yet three more cards to add to my wantlist.


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  1. I found a few of these sets on eBay... looks like a few were distributed in factory set form too (you can see pictures of 1983, 1984, and 1985 boxes online). Best of luck in your hunt for these Drakes food issues!