Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Your Typical 2012 Topps 1 Pack Break

  F.Y.I. I hate Walmart. I would sooner have a dentist appointment than make a trip to Wally World. They never have enough checkers, half the time you're lucky if they have any food stocked on the shelves, and their customer service is without a doubt the worst I've ever encountered. That being said, I was near our local "supercenter" this evening, so I thought I'd drop by to pick up a pack or two of Topps baseball. That is, if they had it. Well, dumb me pulls in the parking lot, when it hits me like a ton of bricks: it's the first day of the new month!!! No way I'm making that trip inside. So, I got home and did an imaginary pack break by pulling up an online checklist, closing my eyes, moving the up and down arrows while blindly pointing at the screen-and there's the card I pulled. After the tenth time I was done for the night. I'm glad I didn't buy that imaginary jumbo!

  Here's my imaginary pull:
#9 Jesus Montero (Holy Crap! In a Mariner uniform! It must be an SP- hey, it's my imaginary card okay?)

#87 Craig Kimbrel (YES! A Brave on the second point!)

#GG68 Albert Pujols Golden Greats (After running down about 20 pages of ebay listings, I'm already tired of the 'Golden' motif)

#29 Active Leaders: Livan Hernandez, Roy Oswalt, Randy Wolf

#268 Miguel Cairo

#243 Justin De Fratus

#189 Alberto Callaspo

#162 Max Scherzer

#94 Logan Forsythe

#313 Phil Hughes (a dirty Yank to end it all)

So there it is, my *first pack of 2012 Topps Baseball. That might just hold me over until Series 2

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