Monday, March 19, 2012

1963 Topps/ 2012 Heritage Counterparts: #429

Another Heritage product has come out, so it's time to break out the 'Counterparts' theme.

1963 Topps #429 Lou Burdette

 Acquired from the Yankees in August of 1951 along with $50,000 in cash for starting pitcher Johnny Sain, Lew came back to bite the Yanks in the arse by pitching three complete games (two being shutouts ) in the '57 World Series against the Bronx Bombers. Pitching on two-days rest, Burdette beat the Yankees 5-0 in game 7 to pick up MVP honors. It still ranks as one of the most dominating pitching performances in playoff history.

   "Burdette would make coffee nervous."~ former Braves manager Fred Haney, commenting on Burdette's fidgety behavior on the mound.

Speaking of dominating [stuff] and making [opponents] nervous...

2012 Topps Heritage #429 (SP) Jonny Venters

Enough said.

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