Thursday, April 12, 2012

Out of the Cellar!

  Expectations can be a b*tch. Just ask the kid who is coming out of college and becomes a high draft pick, but doesn't have the mental make up to succeed in professional sports-or whose skills are overrated (e.g. Ryan Leaf). Perhaps it's a rock band whose debut LP is a huge commercial success, only to realize they hit their peak and had nowhere to go but down-like 80s Hair/Metal band, RATT. You remember the man who followed Paul 'Bear' Bryant as coach at Alabama? I'm sure Fredi Gonzalez can relate to the pressure that Ray Perkins must have felt.

  Congratulations, Fredi- with Miami's loss to Philadelphia tonight, you're finally out of the cellar-.5 games ahead of the Fish. No pressure or anything.

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