Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Redux

We don't seem to have many ballplayers who go by the name of Red today, but it hasn't always been like that. Baseball history is replete with nicknames derived from the emotionally intense color, and it's time to take in a few more. But first, what else do we have that's red?

We've Got the Band Red

Red the Movie


and...Who Can Forget 99 Red Balloons

for our German readers, I offer up to you this- 99 Luft Balloons

Red Schoendeist
Hall of Famer ('89) who won 2 titles as a player, and 3 more as a manager/coach. Joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and at the age of 16 had a nail ricochet into his left eye. Doctors thought he would lose the eye, but Red refused to let them take it out. It gave him troubles thenceforth. 

Yeah-not only do we not have guys named Red in the game anymore, but neither do we have TOUGH guys, either. So put that in your pipe...

Red McGlothlin

Seeing double. Red as a Red, and Red wearing ChiSox... red?

Red Faber

Another Chicago White Sox player, this one's a Hall of Famer (Class of '64).

Red Munger
Red threw a complete game to pick up the victory in Game 4 of the 1946 World Series against who else but the Red Sox. He only had two wins that regular season, and that World Series game was his only career post-season appearance. 

...and finally, one more Red-  
Red Moore

Negro Leagues legend James "Red" Moore only played seven seasons before his playing career ended prematurely because of military service. During his playing days, the first baseman was known as a great defender, despite the fact that the lefty often had to take a right-handed glove and turn it inside out in order to play defense. Moore, who was born in Atlanta, received the nickname 'Red' because of his fair skin, which would turn red after a few innings on the field. The former Atlanta Firecracker was drafted by the Braves in a special Negro Leagues draft in 2008-the picture above commemorating the special occasion. 


  1. Is Red Faber snorting something there?

  2. Could be! I thought it looked like one of the Sammy Sosa tap and blow kiss thing?

  3. Could be! I thought it looked like one of the Sammy Sosa tap and blow kiss thing?