Friday, July 27, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: 1970 Kellogg's Blue Moon Odom

"dip-te-dip-te-dip...bop-tede-bop...Blue Moon"~ Sha na na

  I probably didn't get that lyric right- it's kind of tough to transcribe the cultural icon that is Bowzer of Sha-Na-Na fame.


The first "Blue Moon" memory I have dates back to the movie Grease. My sister had the soundtrack, so between it and the movie, I became quite familiar with the song. Who can forget  the mooning scene during National Bandstand.

One Blue Moon I am becoming familiar with is of the adult beverage kind. Suggested to me by a friend, I am growing a fondness for the wheat ale. Please, just don't give me an orange slice to go along with the drink. I woke up recently with a tummy ache. As one who has to pop a Prilosec daily, I should have known better.

Oh-yes, cards. I don't really have any memories of Johnny "Blue Moon" Odom. I didn't even think of  him being the same guy pictured on a familiar piece of cardboard: a 1976 Topps #651 with "John" in a Braves uniform.
  Well, here he is on a 1970 Kellogg's issue from his days in Oakland. What really caught my eye about this set was the similarity to the '64 Topps Giant Set. Moon was coming off two pretty solid years, and '70 would be another decent season for the veteran, but it was yet aonther year where his walk totals rivaled his strikeout totals. That's great if you're a hitter-but not a good sign for a pitcher. By the time he arrived in the ATL during the '75 season, he was just plain horrible. Unlike Bowzer's singing, Odom's numbers during that time are not difficult to transcribe.

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