Wednesday, July 18, 2012

June 2012 Card Show Purchases #2

  Before I post the second installment of my Card Show Purchases, I've got something I've got to disclose. My wife thinks I'm a nerd. And it probably means that she thinks you're a nerd, too. Please don't hate her- pity her, for she doesn't like sports. And because of that, she can't grasp the awesomeness that comes with our cardboard collections.

  This dirty little secret was revealed to me on Father's Day. When the conversations about what to do for the day came up, my eleven year-old daughter suggested (over and over and over again) that we go to the Renaissance Faire after the morning worship service. Having never been to one, we decided to pack a lunch and head over to the park where it was being held. So there we were, enjoying our picnic in 90+ degree weather, surrounded by folks who were dressed in costumes (roasting, I'm sure)-taking the whole thing a little too seriously, in my opinion. So, being the loose cannon that I am, I referenced the "nerds in the park." Well, there was a time when she was younger that my wife would have been one of those "nerds"- and so her retort ran along the lines of, "you're the one going to a card show next week." You can imagine my ego as it was being deflated. Perhaps I would have esteemed the Faire more had there been jousting, be-headings from a guillotine, and/or actual hangings. Heck, even some fencing would have caught my attention. And while tempting, walking around while eating a giant turkey leg isn't nearly as exciting as a good old fashion burning at the stake. But I digress.

  Have you ever walked into a show (or card shop), see something that caught your eye, and swear that you already have it- only to see that it hasn't been checked off your want list? Four of the eight cards shown here were ones that I nearly didn't buy- as I was certain that I already had them (especially the '71 Rookie Stars). Thankfully, I always take a notebook with me to card shows. This 'little black book' contains a checklist of all Braves Topps teams sets dating back to '52. One card I already have is the '78 Niekro/Ryan leaders card, but it's part of a complete set-and that's where it is going to stay. 


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