Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awesome Inserts: 1993 Select Aces

"I got the medicine [Meds] that everybody wants" ~ Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

 There seems to be a disagreement about what defines the 'ace' of a pitching staff. While every major league team has a #1 starter, I do not believe every team can claim to have an 'ace.' That term should be reserved only for the elite starters of the game. The King Felix', Verlanders, Prices, and the Kershaws.

Score's Select brand had an insert in its 1993 product which featured 24 so called 'aces'- one of which is the Greg Maddux card below. These beauties were inserted one per every 27 card Super Pack, and featured obvious 'aces' such as Clemens, Glavine, Morris, Mussina, and Blackjack McDowell. Some of the more questionable starters included Bob Tewksbury, Cal Elred, Mike Morgan, and Kevin Tapani. I don't mean them any disrespect; after all, they were among some of the top pitchers during the '92 season. However, I just don't think that they should fall into a category which I believe is best reserved for the Elite starters in the game.

Should guys like R.A. Dickey fall under the category of an Ace? 

As good as Tim Hudson has been over his career, I no longer think he fits the billing as an Ace. And while I'm hesitant to apply that term to Kris Medlen, I do believe he has a chance to be very, very good for a very long time. I won't hesitate, however, to call Medlen the Braves number 1 starter at this point of the season. Should they find themselves in the one-game wild card playoff game, they need to figure out a way to have this guy on the mound for it.

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  1. This is the second set I've seen in less than 30 minutes... that I've never seen before. How did I miss this amazing insert set?

    I totally understand what you're saying about not every pitching staff truly having an "Ace".

    On the flipside... one thing I've discovered for myself about inserts sets filled with commons is that I really appreciate the stars in the set (especially my sets from the 90's).

    Okay... off to COMC to see if I can find a Maddux for my PC.