Monday, August 6, 2012

Bruuuuuuce! 1988 Topps Cloth Experimental Test Issue

   What two words come to mind when you think of baseball cards from 1988? Probably 'junk wax'-right?

While the cards from that era were overproduced (an obvious understatement), there are some hard-to-find sets that might be worth picking up. One such set is a cloth experimental test issue released by Topps in 1988.

Available originally only as uncut sheets, the card fronts have a paper-towel like texture and look to them, while the back reminds me of a gauze pad. Because it was a test issue, and not intended to go to market, some cards (such as the Bennedict) had "SAMPLE ONLY NOT FOR SALE" across the fronts.

While most of the one-hundred and twenty-one cards will set you back a few bucks (I paid $5 for this Bruuuuce), there are a few that, if found, will cost you quite a bit more. Got $350 to spare? Well, if you do, you can buy this Tom Glavine cloth 'rookie' card on eBay. If that's the price of it, I guess I can scratch it off of my want list.

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