Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey Kiddies- Here's Some Tips from YOUR Atlanta Braves

  One of my recent acquisitions is an Atlanta Police PAL Braves team set from 1985. While not the most exciting set to hit the market, they are a neat regional set- and I'm a junkie for odd stuff.

 The fronts of the cards are pretty plain, but the backs are where it's at. Featuring a Coca-Cola logo in the upper left and a Hostess logo in the upper right, the cards present basic info and a "Did You Know" for each player and coach. The best part, though, are the Tips from the BRAVES at the bottom of each card. I wonder if they asked each player for a tip?

Here are my personal favorites:

Paul Zuvella: "Get Mom and Dad to mark your bicycle with their social security number with an engraver borrowed from the Atlanta Police Bureau."~ I guess the term 'identity fraud' wasn't around back in '85?

Gene Garber: 'Get high on yourself, not on drugs'~ the origin of the self-esteem movement. 

Pascual Perez: " Requerde que la policia es tu amigo. No tenga miedo hablar con el y hacerle preguntas." I'm not bilingual, so I don't know what this card says.  But... I-285 began the 1984 season in a Dominican Republic jail for drug possession, so I'm guessing it's "Listen to the police my friends. Only idiots do drugs-don't be like me." 

Bruce Sutter: "Don't show off with your money. When you are going anywhere with money, don't flash your cash. Leave it in your pocket."~ I think this one was directed at professional athletes and their propensity to frequent strip joints. Translated: My professional brethren- don't go flashin' your cash around the trash. And leave your gun in your pocket.


  1. "Get high on yourself, not on drugs"


    1. I was wondering if you had ever done a post on this one- didn't check your archives.