Thursday, September 6, 2012

Canaries in a Coal Mine

  More canaries in a coal mine from the Atlanta Police Athletic League-this time from 1982.

Like the 1985 set, the 1982 Atlanta PAL Braves team set features a "Tip from the Braves" on the back of the card. Unfortunately, many of the cards feature the same tip as the '85s (imagine that):  the '85 Gene Garber card warned against getting high on drugs (encouraging us to get high on ourselves, instead), while the 1982 Nancy Reagan award goes to two Braves: Rick Camp and Bob Walk.

Steve Bedrosian and Larry McWilliams come in a close race for second: "Good grades and dope don't mix!" (Bedrock) and "Take a friend along when you go to the playground, movie, or store. Good grades and dope don't mix!" (McWilliams)

Rafael Ramirez offered up some choice words of wisdom that I once tried to impart to my oldest son. "Always put your bike or other toys away after playing with them. Do not leave them outside." Do you think my son listened to me? No; after leaving his bike unattended near the street for the umpteenth time, some punk rode off into the sunset. If only I had had this card to give him!

Claudell Washington: "Always have enough change with you, to make an emergency phone call." Huh? What's he talking about?

and finally..the main reason I purchased this set- the Brett Butler card. Same year as his Rookie Card!

"Practice good 'safety' habits by not playing in dangerous places." Does jumping down a long flight of stairs qualify as playing in dangerous places? Yeah, I thought so. Oldest, again. This time, he suffered a fracture in his right foot. Brett- why couldn't you have spoken to him?! 

I leave you with this: "Canary in a Coal Mine" by the Police

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