Friday, September 7, 2012

Food-Issue Fridays: Upper Deck Quarterback Challenge

  Our family has had a long-running tradition of having pizza for dinner on Friday night. The only thing that has changed during that course of time has been where we have purchased the pie. Pizza Hut, Papa Murphys, Idaho Pizza Company, Denali Pizza, and Domino's have all been on the menu. There were also the home-made pizzas my wife baked over the course of three years. Bless her heart,  it was a lot of work.

  This pizza tradition is nothing new to me. As a kid growing up, we would often go out for pizza with my grandparents on Friday nights. Nothing like enjoying pizza at Grizzly Bear Pizza while watching the Planet of the Apes television show.

  After I moved out of my parents house and into my own place, pizza was probably on the menu at least twice a week-sometimes more.

  That would have been around the time that Upper Deck produced cards for Domino's Pizza. The 1991 UD Quarterback Challenge cards were something that I couldn't get enough of-even if it meant choking down their pies. With either three or four cards per-pack, I accumulated quite a nice chunk of the 50 card set. Problem was, the collation was terrible-if my memory serves me correctly. I never did finish the set, and probably sold the singles at some of the shows I used to do.

  I was reminded of these awesome pieces of cardboard (the football cards-not the pizza) recently as I was listening to Atlanta's 680 the fan-which hosts the Craig Kimbrel show. The weekly radio show is sponsored by, yes- Domino's Pizza. And since UD never did a Domino's set for major league baseball, I thought it would be fun to feature Kimbrel on a Closers Challenge card. Now, I only need some competition for him. Perhaps Aroldis Chapman?

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  1. What an amazing set. I still have my set from back in the day.