Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uggla Can't Buy a Hit, Braves Buying Cases

   Since Dan Uggla has forgotten how to hit (but he leads the league in walks!!) and has been benched, I think the Braves need to start picking up cases of high-end Topps products. Could be the only Uggla hits they get over the final month of the season.

(photos taken from ebay auctions)

Either that, or ask Bobby Cox to allow the struggling second baseman to wear #6. You know ballplayers and their superstitions...


  1. "Could be the only Uggla hits they get over the final month of the season."

  2. Grrrrr......stupid HTML tags. After that it should read:

    (rim shot)

  3. As a Cardinals fan...I hope the Braves hits are only on cards and not on the field. What is up with Chipper calling out Atlanta fans not showing up. I used to drive from Savannah to Atlanta a few times a summer. The ATL is better than 14,000 a game.

    1. It seems like it's been a problem for years. Perhaps it's a matter of complacency-what with all the winning seasons they had. While I think that Chipper has all the right to call out the fans, how about giving them something to root for? The offense has been pathetic- he's the only clutch hitter they have it seems.