Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The 'Screw Topps' 100 Card Challenge

  When Topps recently announced that it would release a 100 card, $100 Heritage High-Number Set (limited to 1000 sets), I expected much more of a firestorm within the card collecting community. So far, the only two bloggers whom I have read railing on this dastardly deed have been Greg at Night Owl Cards and Robert from $30 A Week Habit.

  Perhaps I just don't read enough blogs.

  That's probably the case.

  One of my beefs with the whole thing is that Topps actually had the balls to have begun taking pre-orders on the set without so much as a checklist. I even sent a tweet their way, requesting a link to a checklist- but have never received a reply. Sorry boys, but I'm not going to plunk down a Benjamin on some set that, aside from about three rookies, contains a bunch of  'mystery' players.

  Taking inspiration from the aforementioned Robert, I have decided to throw out a "Screw You Topps' 100 Card Challenge." Some of my rules will differ from those of Robert, while others will be the same.

  • I will not begin to receive cards until the week of November 6th-same as when the Topps set will ship.
  • I, too, will scour the web for 100 cards, one of which must be an autograph
  • Of the other 99 cards, 1 must be a RC of a former uber-hyped prospect, along with a handful of other Rookie Cards: both lower and mid-level prospects. 
  • Also included in that century mark must be an aging veteran or two (or three) who was acquired at-or right before-the trade deadline. 
  • Since my card allowance is about half of that of $30 A Week, I will be trying to spend as little as possible-thus showing Topps that, for my collector dollar, there are much better deals to be had out there. 
  • I will be posting updates on my purchases, as well as a final post at the end of the challenge which will give all the bloody details. A tweet to Topps with a link of final results will follow.
  Finally, as tempting as it might be, I haven't ruled out the purchase of Topps cards during this challenge. I will do my darnedest to not buy any Topps, but there's still many on my wantlist... 


  1. Awesome stuff, I look forward to these posts as well!!

    I like the devil beard and horns painted on Mr. Harper as well, nice touch..lol

  2. Love it. There are always good deals out there to be found. Cannot wait to see what your hunt turns up