Thursday, November 8, 2012

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

  Who among us hasn't had that elusive card on our want list?  Unless you have an uncanny ability to pull just the right card or you know all the right people (who have all the right cards), then I'm guessing you, too, have  spent months-or years- looking for a Joey Cora, Paul Dade, Ken Kravec, or a Ross Ohlendorf. As a team set collector, and until recently a Topps set collector, I've got commons on my list who are harder to find than an honest politician.

  I recently crossed off a handful of names that were on my Braves Topps team set list- only I didn't gain them by visiting a website, a card show, or by breaking a box. No, this time I had to rob Peter to pay Paul.

  My decision to give up on collecting the Topps flagship sets, as well as the Topps Heritage set, has played to my advantage. In breaking them up to either do shows, sell on ebay or COMC, trade-whatever the case might be- my first decision was a no-brainer: pull the ones that I need for my team sets. And so that's exactly what I've done.

1977 Topps #479 Brian Asselstine~ a career only a mother could love

1978 Topps #598 Eddie Solomon~ The former pitcher died in a car wreck in the city of Macon, Ga.- the same town where legendary guitarist Duane Allman died after crashing his motorcycle.

1978 Topps #578 Buzz Capra & #527 Vic Correll~ '78 wasn't good for the Braves duo. Atlanta placed both players on waivers (along with Tom Paciorek) on the same day. 

Hey, someone had to be the fall guy-or in this case, guys- on the last place team.

1978 Topps #708 Dale Murphy~ After a couple cups of coffee in 1976 & 1977, Murph was in the majors to stay as the '78 season began. 

1978 Topps #10 Phil Niekro~ By 1978, this man was already 39. He was sitting on 178 wins. He would finish with 318 career victories. Enough said.

1978 Topps #402 Dave Campbell ~ another '78 casualty

1991 Topps #383 Pete Smith  & #753 Paul Marak~ I know, how in the world do you not find cards from the junk era?!

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