Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That's a Fine Looking Card, A Fine Looking Card!

2012 Mississippi Braves #12 Andrelton Simmons ($1.99)
Who needs to buy Bowman for its prospects, when you can pick up a more limited produced minor league card that doesn't beat a dead horse with its design? This beauty is a throwback to the '76 Topps set. One thing I like about it, which I don't recall seeing on a card before: the (reversed) silhouette of a player running. The backs are equally awesome, with a large team logo centered towards the bottom, the minor league stats for the player, and of course the Braves Banter section heralding Simmons achievements from the prior season.

2001 Topps HD #31 Rafael Furcal (49 cents)
Vibrant colors, thick stock, great full-bleed photos-Topps HD needs to be brought back. The backs of the '01 HD cards are very nice as well, with another large photo. The font is quite small, but I like the trade-off with allowing for more space for stats and lengthy paragraph. Another great feature of the back is the players' info put in vertical format.

2000 Stadium Club #210 Rafael Furcal (74 cents)
What can I say? I loves me some Stadium Club. Yo, Topps- Bring. It. Back.

Mini 2012 Allen & Ginter #92 Craig Kimbrel (25 cents)
Diminutive in stature, but packing a powerful punch. Ginter Minis-or Kimbrel?

2012 Topps #85 Jason Heyward- Target Red Border (50 cents)
I normally don't go ga-ga for parallel cards. Except Topps Red. And Black. And Blue.

2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove #45 Andruw Jones, 46 Greg Maddux, 47 Chipper Jones ($1.80)
My daughter was born shortly after Opening Day 2001, and that was pretty much the end of my collecting days for the next few years. Thus, I never knew these awesome cards existed until recently. I'm not a big fan of cards with a lot going on with the fronts-this is an exception. Why can't Topps produce something like this as an insert in their base product? Oh yes, lack of creativity.

Running Total: 76 Cards/ $48.61

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