Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trying to Finish Those Sets

One thing the "Screw Topps 100-Card Challenge" has allowed me to do is get closer to finishing some of my Braves team sets. Two such sets are actually two of my favorites: the 1969 Topps and the 2000 Topps Update.

1969 Topps #196 Lum Harris (25 cents)
When it comes to getting a job, it's all about who you know, or so 'they' say.

Harris' first season in pro ball was spent as a pitcher for the Atlanta Crackers. His catcher with Atlanta was a man named Paul Richards, who a year later would become his manager. The two forged a close bond that would literally affect the rest of Lum's professional career.

Beginning in 1951, Lum served as a coach under Richards (who was still managing)-first with the ChiSox and then the Orioles. Harris would replace his mentor when the latter left Baltimore to become the GM of the expansion Houston team. His first managerial experience would only last 27 games, however, as Baltimore did not bring him back the following season. No worry-there was a job available for Lum in Houston, where he would serve as a coach from 1962 until September of '64. Astros manager Harry Craft would get the axe that fall, and Lum would serve the remainder of the season, as well as all of the 1965 season, as manager of the young team. When Richards took the vice president of player personnel gig for the Braves after their move to Atlanta in 1966, Lum was hired as the manager for AAA Richmond, where he would serve for two seasons before getting the manager position in Atlanta.

1969 Topps #282 Pat Jarvis ($1)
It's not everyday that someone can boast of being the first strikeout victim of a future Hall of Famer (Nolan Ryan) AND giving up a 500th career home run (Ernie Banks; as well as #599 for Willie Mays), but Jarvis can.

2000 Topps Traded #T41 Asdrubal Oropeza, #T49  Junior Brignac, #T65 Scott Sobkowiak, #T110 Reggie Sanders, #T124 BJ Serhoff($1.45 for all)

For whatever reason, these cards have evaded me all these years. Well, I somehow acquired the Chrome Traded cards for Atlanta, but never the regular-issue one. Only missing Tony Pena, Jr. (#T39) and Wally Joyner (#T117) now.

Running Total:   96 Cards/  $61.79

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