Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turning the Clock Back

  This morning marked the end of daylight savings time, meaning we gained an hour of sleep. That extra hour did me some good, as I usually don't get enough sleep at night. Turning the clock back is nice in that it will be light out again as I go to work; unfortunately, it also means that it will get darker out earlier. Oh, and it also serves as a perfect segue...

  I received  a package in the mail yesterday from the San Jose Fuji. I recently sent Mark a couple of cards that were sent to me from Japan, and so in his kindness he sent me five cards in return. Expecting more recent cards, you can imagine my surprise when I opened up the package and saw that Mark was turning the clock back to the '70s.

1977 Topps #48 Tom Paciorek ~ Probably more recognized as the former color commentator on White Sox broadcasts, Paciorek also worked for Fox Sports South-broadcasting Braves games from 2002-2005. One thing the back of the card tells me that I didn't know: he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins after graduating from the University of Houston.

1974 Topps #23T Craig Robinson~ A career .219 hitter, 1974 was the only season in which Robinson was used as a starter. He appeared in 145 games that season. His second highest number of games: 46 in 1973.

1976 Topps #81 Darrell Evans~ Evans started his career with Atlanta, playing there from 1969 until June 13, 1976-when he was traded with Marty Perez to the Giants for Jake Brown, Mike Eden, Willie Montanez, and (yes) the aforementioned Craig Robinson. He returned to Atlanta in 1989 for his final season.  Evans, who finished with 414 home runs, was the first player to hit forty or more homers in each league. When he retired, he was only the second player (Reggie Jackson being the other) to have hit 100 or more home runs for three different teams.

     (hopefully Google translated that correctly)

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