Sunday, December 30, 2012

1989 Topps Long Hairs

"It was 1989, my thoughts were short, my hair was long..."~ Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"

The players depicted below didn't have what I would consider long hair. Especially when I think of myself back in 1989. Remember, that was in the 'hair bands' heyday, and I was a rock-star wannabe. But for an athlete, I suppose each one does have a little more hair than the average ballplayer.

 Just as hair bands ruled the day in '89, Canseco ruled the baseball world. 40/40. Fast cars. Firearms. Ultimately, we found out, a fraud. I'm pretty sure his hair was real, though.

He rocked the 'do in '89-he rocks the same one today. Something tells me he rocked it as a toddler.

It's not the hair that makes this such a great card. No, it's the dumb look on Krukie's face. 

No one in baseball could rock the jheri curl look like the late Pascual Perez. Dude was in a league of his own.

Long facial hair counts, right?

Second-Team Long-Hair Team

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