Saturday, December 1, 2012

2013 Chops Radiance #2 BJ Upton

With the Hot Stove league heating up, and the Winter Meetings beginning Monday, it's officially time to roll out the new cards for 2013. First up, my Chops 'Radiance' original series.

2013 Chops Radiance #2 B.J. Upton

BJ Upton might be the third most desired Upton, but he's the first player to be featured in my new original card series.

While the Braves will be looking to trade for (or sign) a left fielder soon, I'm still hoping they can put a nice package together to acquire BJ's brother. No way will they send Andrelton Simmons to the D'Backs (who are looking for a premium SS), but perhaps the Braves can include one of either Jose Peraza or Nick Ahmed along with a pitcher or two (and probably other players) for the younger Upton.


  1. Would you care if the Braves traded away Pastornicky since Simmons played so well last year?

    1. Not at all. I think Patornicky will be at best a back-up utility player. Don't get me wrong, I like the kid (Pastornicky); I just don't think he will be a major league starter because he's not a good defensive player. Would like to see him or Janish make team as a bench player.