Sunday, December 2, 2012

Don't Forget the Batteries

If you have, or ever have had children, then you have no doubt had the experience of buying a present that required batteries-only to have forgotten to pick up a package of the little sources of power. While I can't remember specific incidents (my mind isn't what it used to be), I know that we have had that unfortunate situation arise.

And so with the holiday season here, it's a good time to throw out this reminder: Don't Forget the Batteries

Well, we may no longer have as big of a need for batteries as we once did when our kids were younger, we nevertheless still have flashlights, remote controls, smoke detectors, wrist watches, digital cameras (yes, really), and iPhone speaker systems-all of which need a source of power. My preference is the Albertsons brand; over the years I've found them to have longer life than the other brands and they cost less, too (which means more hobby money). That being said, I certainly encourage Procter & Gamble to continue manufacturing the Duracell brand-especially if they go back to putting these things in their products...

1993 Duracell #8 Terry Pendleton
Never considered a real power threat, Pendleton did finish with 140 career home runs in fifteen major league seasons, 71 of which came as a member of the Braves. Terry's career high of 22 came in 1991 during his MVP season, as did his career high .517 SLG and .880 OPS.
More Pendleton power facts:
First HR: 8/22/84 off of Mario Soto (Cinci)
Final HR: 9/11/98 with the Royals, off of Bill Swift (Sea)
Hit most Homers against (team): Giants (17)
Hit most Homers against (pitcher): Roger McDowell (4)
Spot in Lineup with most homers: 6th (39)
Inning he hit the most homers: 5th Inning (25)
Walk-Off Home Runs: 3

  **An Oh, Crap! Moment- my scanner just went belly up, so I had to use an image of Pendleton from COMC site. I purchased mine through them, so hopefully they don't mind...

1993 Duracell #21 Tom Glavine
Glavine's success came not from being an overpowering pitcher, ala John Smoltz or Roger Clemens; no, his success was due to his excellent control, the ability to change speeds, locating his pitches on the outside corner, and out-thinking the hitter. Despite not being a power pitcher, Glavine still ended his career with 2607 strikeouts-good for 24th on the all-time list.

Glavine 'K' Facts:
Most Strike-Outs, Pitch Count: Pitches 26-50 (688)
Most Strike-Outs, Inning: 2nd Inning (452)
Most Strike-Outs by Batting Order Position: 9th (525)
Month, Most Strikeouts: May (505)
Most Strikeouts Against (Team): Washington Nationals/Expos (282)
Most Strikeouts, by umpire: Gary Darling (111) 


  1. Added you to my blog roll, can't believe you weren't already there. Enjoy reading you.

    1. Thanks for adding me to your roll; I did the same with yours.

      Thoughts on the Hanson/Walden trade? If Hanson can ever get back to his potential & keep injury free, the Angels will have a stud!

    2. I'm thinking it was a good move. May work out well for both. Hey, lets trade sometime.