Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Braves in Upcoming 2013 Topps I

Today at lunch I stumbled across the complete checklist for the upcoming 2013 Topps Series I set. Thanks to the folks at Cardboard Connection, who supplied the list in its entirety, I was able to copy down a list of the Braves cards included in 'The Chase' this year. While their base cards in Series I are few, there's plenty of insert cards for Braves fans to chase. In fact, it seems like there's too many insert sets listed- leaving me to wonder if they didn't include Series I and Series II?  Hopefully, I didn't overlook any...
Custom 2013 Topps

Base Set:

  • 46 Craig Kimbrel
  • 105 Freedie Freeman
  • 115 Tim Hudson
  • 116 Brian McCann
  • 126 Dan Uggla
  • 201 Jonny Venters
  • 222 Jason Heyward

Out of Bounds-SP Variations

  • 105 Freddie Freeman

Silk Collection (#'d to 50)
  • SC20 Brian McCann
  • SC32 Jason Heyward
  • SC47 Craig Kimbrel
  • SC54 Tim Hudson
  • SC73 Freddie Freeman
  • SC76 Dan Uggla

'72 Minis
  • 7 Craig Kimbrel
  • 8 Dan Uggla

'72 Mini Relics (#'d to 25)
  • TMR-CK Craig Kimbrel

'72 Mini Autos (#'d to 10)
  • TMA-DU Dan Uggla

Chasing History
  • CH26 Chipper Jones
  • CH31 Warren Spahn
  • CG35 Hank Aaron

Chasing History Relics
  • CHR-JAH Jason Heyward

Chasing History Autos
  • CHA-DJ David Justice (hopefully pictured with Atlanta!)
  • CHA-HA Hank Aaron
  • **Gary Sheffield is also included, although unlikely to be pictured in an Atlanta uni

Chasing the Dream Relics
  • CDR-BRB Brandon Beachy

Chasing History Cut Signatures (1 of 1)- **no confirmation on which teams they are shown with; all are former Braves
  • CHCS-HW Hoyt Wilhelm
  • CHCS-RSC Red Schoendienst
  • CHCS-WC Walker Cooper

Cy Young Award Winner Commemorative Relics
  • CY-JSM John Smoltz
  • CY-WS Warren Spahn

In the Name Relics (Letters from 2012 All Star Workout Jerseys)- #'d to 1
  • ITN-CJ Chipper Jones
  • ITN-CKl Craig Kimbrel
  • ITN-DU Dan Uggla
  • ITN-MB Michael Bourn

MVP Award Winner Commemorative Relics
  • MVP-CJ Chipper Jones
  • MVP-DM Dale Murphy

Pennant Chase Code Cards
  • PC-2 Atlanta Braves

Proven Mettle Copper Coins 
  • PMC-HA Hank Aaron

Silver Slugger Award Winners
  • SS-DM Dale Murphy

The Greats
  • TG-11 John Smoltz
  • TG-17 Chipper Jones
  • TG-20 Tom Glavine
  • TG-22 Hank Aaron

The Greats Relics (#'d to 25)
  • TGR-JS John Smoltz

The Greats Autos (#'d to 10)
  • TGA-HA Hank Aaron

Manufactured Commemorative Patches
  • CP-8 Jason Heyward
  • CP-20 Chipper Jones

Manufactured Rookie Patches
  • RCP-20 Chipper Jones

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