Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gimme Your Glove!

Custom 2005 UD Sweet Spots Classic Art Johnson
In William J. Craig's A History of the Boston Braves, the author recounts meeting with former Braves pitcher Art Johnson after a reunion put on by the Boston Braves Historical Association. Johnson, who pitched for Boston from 1940-1942, recalled his first game with the team. "In my first game as a Brave, Casey [Stengel] sent me out to the bullpen. About the fourth inning a line drive hits Lefty Joe Sullivan- I thought it hit him on the knee. So he calls a time out, and Casey runs out to the mound. They were holding a conference on the mound, and all of a sudden, Casey starts waving to the bullpen. I came running out to the mound, and I'm thinking 'Wow, my first Major League game.' So I say, 'Mr. Stengel, I'll do my best to get you out of this inning.' Casey then says, 'Hell, kid, I don't want you to pitch. Lefty Joe Sullivan broke the web in his glove with that line drive, and he wants to use your glove.'"

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