Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Score and Zero Years Ago: The 1993 Donruss 1 Braves

1993 Donruss Series 1
 The Good: Large photos on both front and back, making them the focal point. Clean design. Good player selection. Decent insert sets.

The Bad: Overproduction (duh!); too much gloss.

The Ugly: Many photos seem to be not as sharp as one would like; too much red tint.

Braves in Series I:
#2 Kent Merker, 26 Steve Avery, 52 Mark Davis, 78 Damon Berryhill, 102 Vinny Castilla, 130 John Smoltz, 134 Jeff Blauser, 158 Deion Sanders, 184 Francisco Cabrera, 210 Ron Gant, 234 Terry Pendleton, 254 Checklist (Berryhill), 262 Otis Nixon, 266 Pat Gomez, 290 Brian Hunter, 316 Mark Lemke, 320 Melvin Nieves (Rated Rookie)

My Collectin' Vinny:
I don't have an exact time frame for the release of Donruss I, but it did include shortstop Vinny Castilla as a Brave. Castilla had been taken by the Rockies with the 39th overall pick in the 1992 Expansion Draft, held November 17th in New York City. This leads me to believe that it was released not too long after (or even before?) the draft. Either that, or it was just an oversight on Donruss' part. Vinny did have a card in Series 2 which reflected his new team.

...20 Years Later
Chops Custom Tim Hudson

The 'Must Add to Collection' Card:
1993 Donruss Previews #1... sans the slab, of course.

Long Ball Leaders
#5 David Justice

Team MVPs (Series 1 & 2 Jumbos)
#7 Terry Pendleton

Spirit of the Game (Series 1 & 2 Foil and Jumbos)
#2 Play at the Plate- David Justice

Elite Dominator (#/5000; Created to move leftover boxes on a home shopping network)
#2 Fred McGriff, 3 Greg Maddux, 4 Ron Gant, 5 David Justice, 14 Tom Glavine

Masters of the Game (Walmart foil packs only; 3.5" x 5")
#12 David Justice, 16 Deion Sanders

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