Sunday, February 17, 2013

Player's Ink: Dan Uggla

2012 Topps Five Star auto Dan Uggla

Signature At-Bat: See the ball, hit the ball- and swing hard, in case you hit it. Toe-tapper with a bat wiggle; quick through the zone, with top-half finish.

While I don't keep close tabs on which players sign copiously and those who don't, I've never noticed a lot of Dan Uggla signatures on the secondary market. A perusal of eBay a few minutes ago revealed 132 autographed Uggla items; certainly not rare, but neither is it found in abundance like so many of today's players.

I recently picked this beauty up on eBay for $16 delivered. Many collectors might think it's a waste of money, given Uggla's struggles during his first two season in Atlanta. However, I believe that the second baseman is going to turn it around this season. At least he will have plenty of protection in the line-up; unless, of course, he hits eighth.

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