Wednesday, March 27, 2013

64/13 Counterparts: Mutts

This Counterparts post isn't going to be a numerical one; no, Topps screwed that up for me. Instead, I'll just do a comparison of two cards whose 1964/2013 counterparts are mutts. 

Number 65
1964 Topps #65 Felipe Alou
( counterpart: 2013 Heritage #65 Carlos Quentin- Padres)

Number 95
2013 Heritage #95 B.J. Upton
(Counterpart: 1964 Topps #95 George Altman)

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, it's too bad that Topps couldn't have included Bossman Jr.'s big  little brother in his D-Backs uni, but with the Braves name on top, ala the Felipe Alou.

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