Saturday, March 16, 2013

Be Prepared! Boy Scouts Braves

For a few years now I've been on the lookout for a small set of Braves cards put out by the Atlanta-area Boys Scouts of America. The thirteen card set is unique in that only one card was issued per year from 1992 until 2004- with a variety of card designs on the front of the cards. The backs are red, white, and blue and includes personal information, career records (including post-season), and career highlights.

Well, my search had been fruitless until recently. If you've been following my posts here recently, you might recall that I've been 'in the zone'- picking up many items that have eluded me over the years (either due to scarcity or funds). Surprisingly, these two cards were from different sellers- so I guess they are actually some of these out there. Another shocker: the price. I paid the same amount for the Blauser ($1.99) as I did for Maddux.

At the bottom of the back side of the cards is the following statement: Only boys that are members of the Boy Scouts of America and in good standing are eligible for this commemorative BSA World Series Championship Baseball Card. It is not to be sold. One printing only.

It then goes on to include a checklist- with another name being added each year.

The complete checklist is as follows:
1992 Jeff Treadway
1993 Dale Murphy
1994 Deion Sanders
1995 Greg McMichael
1996 Ryan Klesko
1997 Jeff Blauser
1998 Greg Maddux
1999 John Rocker ~ I wonder if they didn't regret this one!
2000 John Smoltz
2001 Tom Glavine
2002 Kevin Millwood
2003 Marcus Giles
2004 Russ Ortiz

Unfortunately, this series didn't feature a Chipper card.


  1. Thanks for sharing...I'd love to find that Smoltz or Glavine card for my PCs.

    1. You bet- hope you find them! Murph's next on my wantlist, and then Glavine and Smoltz. I thought Treadway an odd player to use as the first one featured.

  2. Very cool cards. I gotta track down that Maddux.

    1. I have a Maddux. email me if interested in buying.

  3. I was recently given an "old box of junk" and was asked to throw it out. Of course before trashing it, I raided the contents. In a small plastic box at the bottom of this box was 11, not a typo, 11 of these Jeff Blauser BSA cards.

  4. I have 5 of the 1994 Deion Sanders BSA cards. Was seeing if yall could help me out with how much they are worth because I can't find anything online

  5. I have a 1999 World Series Edition Johns Smoltz BSA card. It has some lines from being bent, but it's in one piece. Are you in Atlanta area? You want it? You can have it if it helps your set!

  6. I happen to have a 96 Ryan Klesko if you need it for the set.

  7. I have the john smoltz card in mint condition. My email is

  8. I just found a 1999 World Series Bsa John Smoltz card in some old junk, too. It's not perfect, like I know y'all like them to be,I can send pics. I also found a 1991 Dubuque Bobby Cox in about the same condition. Both cards free to a loving home.
    Email me if interested. You may need to send more than 1 email, cuz I'm not diligent at checking them! Send one every day til I answer, if you need to. I won't get mad, I promise!

  9. I have the 92 Jeff Treadway card autographed in not that Good of condition of your interested! Contact me