Thursday, March 14, 2013

Card Show #3- The Big One!

If you enjoy vintage cards and are, like me, on a limited budget, then I'm sure you have had to fight off the temptation to add a reprint to your collection. Perhaps it's an Aaron, Mantle or Mays rookie for your team or player collection. As a Braves team set collector (not only Atlanta, but Boston and Milwaukee as well), I know I will probably never finish certain sets due to the costs of certain cards- so the reprints are a nice alternative to 'finishing' that '52 Topps team set.

Well, after this past weekend's card show, there's still hope-for the time being, anyway.

After working a deal with the guy I buy some of my vintage stuff from, I noticed he had that elusive '58 Topps #418 World Series Batting Foes card featuring The Mick and The Hammer. It's one of those cards that I've been eyeing the reprint, yet have never pulled the trigger on. But I've been in the zone lately, as far as finding stuff that have been eluding me for years- and I've been able to pick a lot of them up for peanuts. And while $40, to me, ain't peanuts- it is affordable for a card of this 'magnitude' And so, yes, I broke out the wallet and snagged this card in all its glory. Ain't she a beauty?

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