Sunday, March 24, 2013

Player's Ink: 2012 Leaf Draft Alex Wood

One of my favorite things about spring training is to see which players are creating a buzz in their camps. While the main noise seems to be over the Dodgers uber-prospect Yasiel Puig, the Braves have had a few players of their own who seem to be the center of conversation: Julio Teheran, Evan Gattis, and last year's second round pick Alex Wood. I recently picked up this card of the former UGA Bulldog for $1.99

Signature Delivery:
Despite being a lefty with a plus fastball that reaches the mid-90s and a really good change-up, it's Wood's delivery-described as everything from funky to downright unorthodox- that has people talking early in his professional career. During his delivery, Alex lifts his right (lead) leg and angles it toward second base before uncoiling from what is a bit of a crouch, just prior to his stride towards home plate-showing the batter a lot of leg and elbow, making it difficult for the hitter to pick up the ball. As he lands on his right foot, Alex does a little hop backwards- which he believes adds deception to his pitches.

Signature Stuff: 
Plus fastball (which he can run up to 95-96) with lots of movement; good change-up.While his breaking stuff has improved this spring (he credits an improved curveball to tips from Kimbrel and Venters), he still needs to add a good third pitch to his repertoire. It will determine whether he remains a starter or ends up a reliever.

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