Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Player's Ink: David Justice

"By any definition, David Justice is a natural... his swing is a Sunday morning hymn."~ journalist Gary Pomerantz

2013 Topps Chasing History David Justice

Signature At-Bat: Hitter talking to himself, upright stance, bat waving high above head, left elbow high, high leg kick, hands kept back late-then exploding through the zone.

Signature Auto: Mercedes-Benz featuring the vanity plates that read: SWEET SWING

Signature Cost: $4

When I think of David Justice, the first word that comes to mind is swing. With a swing of the bat, Justice made fans forget the comments he made about them prior to game 6 of the 1995 World Series- and winning the Series, as it would be, on the very same swing- and his Braves career would end with a separated shoulder while swinging at a Denny Neagle change-up in May of 1996. It was a swing that Lou Pinella once compared to Ted Williams, and one that would have spoken about more if he wasn't a contemporary of Griffey Jr.


  1. Love this card. The timing of your post is uncanny as I have the same card as a post topic scheduled for my blog later today.

  2. Just landed this last week. I'm one of the biggest Justice fans and collectors you can find and I love this card. He meant so much to Atlanta during their rise to dominance, never more than Game 6 in 1995. Even though this card is a nod to his epic 1993 season, he is pictured playing in the 1995 World Series, which is how most Braves fans will remember him.

  3. Sweet find. $4? Is that really what a Justice autograph goes for? If so... I need to add one to my PC right now.