Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Card Show- Five and Sid & Sam

One last post featuring a few out of the quarter bin and two from the purdyest set you'll eva see...

Sid and Sam
While Sid Gordon made the move to Milwaukee with the Braves in 1953, Sam Jethroe found himself playing in Toledo for the Braves' AAA team. The two players would be included with three others and $100,000 in a deal for Pittsburgh's Danny O'Connell.

1994 Sportsflics #160 Chipper Jones
I know I had this at one time- must have gotten rid of it in one of my earlier card purges. Although I never was really that ga-ga over the Sportsflics, I was happy to pick this one up for my Chipper collection. Awesome picture from Spring Training.

2000 Topps Stars #47, 165 Chipper Jones and Mad Dog
Again, not a fan of this set, but I'll pick these two up for my pc of each player.

  2000 Topps Gallery #16 Chipper Jones
Along with Stadium Club, this is one set I'd like to see brought back. Instead, we get A & G and overkill on 5-Star, Triple Threads, etc.

1975 Hostess #3 Darrell Evans
Ugly cut and a nice crease through Darrell's face and forehead. What the heck- I'll take it I took it!

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