Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Card Show Pick-Ups #1

Okay, so spring hasn't officially arrived- although with the warmer temperatures and the wind that accompanies March in southwest Idaho, it does feel like it. And since the quarterly card show falls in December (the winter show), I consider this the spring one.

Anyway, I left the house this morning with something I normally don't take with me to card shows- trade bait. I recently went through some stuff and found about twenty doubles of vintage Braves and figured it might be worth trying to trade them towards other vintage stuff I need. My favorite dealer at these shows was there, as usual, with his awesome selection of older baseball- and he was happy to take a few off my hands and apply the credit towards my final purchase. It wasn't much, but it did allow me to get some that I otherwise wouldn't have.

1967 Topps #350 Joe Torre
Not only did I acquire this Torre, but there was also a package awaiting me when I got home, containing a copy of Joe's 1997 autobiography, Chasing the Dream.

1958 Topps #289 Series Hurling Rivals Burdette/Shantz
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Yankees? Although it's only spring training, I did enjoy watching Atlanta beat New York this morning. Nothing like going to a card show, then coming home and watching baseball. If you ever hear older players comment on how they would never be friendly with opposing players-don't believe them.

1958 Topps #377 Milwaukee Braves Team Card
This is actually a checklist card for the 1958 Topps set. One thing I've never seen on another checklist: the cards being listed alphabetically, with the card number after the players last name.

I did pick up one other card from the '58 set, but it's a glorious one which deserves its own post.

1971 Topps #8 Mike McQueen, 346 Lum Harris, 463 Tom Kelley, 507 George Stone
After picking up these '71s, I'm left needing 8 to finish the team set- which, apart from the '52, '53, and '54 sets, is the most on any one season's wantlist.

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  1. Nice pick ups. I really like the look of that 67T Torre... might have to track one down for my vintage binder.